Saturday, August 18, 2007


What is Rohypnol?

Rohypnol is a powerful tranquillizer. It's a relative of valium, only it's much stronger and potently depressive. Even a very small dose makes the user feel sleepy and dopey. Rohypnol is generally prescribed as a sleeping pill for severe insomnia, but it's also considered smart and hip by college girls on US campuses.

One tablet is like drinking a six-pack of beer - and the effects can last up to eight hours.

  • Just one tablet can make the user feel dizzy, nauseous, feverish and disorientated.
  • More than one tablet will cause instant drunkenness and memory loss.
  • One tablet can stop you breathing.
  • Rohypnol plus alcohol can lead to coma.

How it's misused

Some users take rohypnol knowingly, but it's notorious for being used to spike the drinks of unsuspecting females. This way a man can have sex without the woman remembering or being in control of what's happening. The common scenario is of a woman at a party - passing out suddenly, being raped and having no recollection of what happened, sometimes for days.

If something goes wrong

If your friend is breathing, place her in the recovery position. Call an ambulance.
Be prepared to resuscitate.

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