Thursday, August 16, 2007

Methylamphetamine: Brief History, Law

What is methylamphetamine
Methylamphetamine or methamphetamine is a man-made stimulant. It's like amphetamine but MUCH stronger. It's to amphetamine what crack is to cocaine - it can be 90-100 per cent pure.

Swallowing The least dangerous method and it takes about half an hour to take effect. Far smaller amounts are used than with amphetamine for the drug to take effect.

Smoking Users get an intense and almost immediate hit from inhaling the vapours given off by heating crystals. The powder is not usually smoked because the heating process breaks it down, lessening the effect.


What you might not like

Methylamphetamine can trigger unpleasant hallucinations that make you lose control of your actions and emotions. People have assaulted and even raped under the influence of methylamphetamine.

Methylamphetamine dangers

This is a really nasty drug - side effects may kill.
  • There's a risk of a stroke or a heart attack. It also raises your body temperature, which can lead to heatstroke especially if you're in a club and taking other drugs - heatstroke can kill.
  • Tolerance builds up quickly with continuous use. Eventually, you may need dangerous amounts to get near the original effect.
  • There's a real risk of overdose and even a tiny amount could be too much for your body - it can happen the first time it's taken. If you overdose you may suffer convulsions, which can lead to unconsciousness and even death.

Methylamphetamine and addiction
Within a short time physical dependence, similar to dependence on crack, could develop.
  • If you use this drug regularly, you'll become so psychologically dependent that you can't face the world without it.
  • Withdrawal can lead to depression, panic attacks and paranoia.

  • Creamy white or sandy-coloured powder sold in wraps like amphetamine.
  • Tablets in different shapes, colours and sizes. Some have names such as "speed king" stamped on them.
  • Clear and colourless crystals, like glass, sold in bags. Large crystals (bombs) are bought individually wrapped in plastic film or cigarette papers.

The methylamphetamine effect

A minute amount of this nasty stimulant gives an incredible hit - it's that powerful. The feelings are not short lived; one hit can last for hours, depending on the user's tolerance and the amount taken.
  • The "rush" is very intense with sensations of euphoria, energy and invincibility that can be almost overwhelming.
  • Some users feel sexually aroused.

The comedown

The comedown is a real kick in the teeth - it's far worse than coming down from amphetamine:

  • you can feel exhausted and achy for days
  • you feel depressed, nervous and panicky
  • after a few weeks of use your behaviour becomes bizarre, you're paranoid, you suffer delusions, even psychosis.
Methylamphetamine can even trigger schizophrenia.

Getting help

If you or anyone you know has a problem with methylamphetamine, get professional help

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