Saturday, August 18, 2007


In the U.S., methamphetamine is most commonly referred to as 'crank', 'meth', 'shit' (as in, Do you have any shit ?) or 'crystal'. It is smoked, sniffed ('snorted'), eaten, mixed into a liquid such as coffee and drank, or injected ('banged', 'shot', 'whapped'). The latter method is extremely addictive. Smoking it increases tolerance and addiction quicker, too. This method causes a 'rush' that results in people quickly increasing the amount and frequency needed to obtain the feeling.

The cost and strength varies, being cheapest and purest in California. Although it is manufactured everywhere, California crank is considered to be the best, and is manufactured on a larger scale, producing larger 'batches' from each location. Crank produced elsewhere is produced on a smaller scale, is not as uniform from batch to batch or lab to lab, and is commonly referred to as 'bathtub crank'. It sells for about $100-$120/gram in the mid-west, or $20-$30/ 1/4 gram (referred to as a '1/4 paper' or 'paper') which can actually weigh as little as 1/10 gram and contain very little actual product.

Most of the crank bought on the street is mixed, referred to on the street as 'cut'. The cut is usually something as innocuous as baking soda or 'Fruit Fresh'. Crank obtained in powder form is usually cut before purchase. Cut makes the original product go farther, thus bringing more money per gram. The more hands it passes through before it is used, the more cut there is, as usually each person will cut it before selling it. It is important to be able to tell what crank is cut with and how much it is cut, for several reasons:

People have been known to cut product with poisonous substances, such as boric acid. The consequences of this type of cut should be obvious.

Crank is often cut with cocaine, heroine, or crushed codeine tablets (referred to as 'speed balls'). This is done to increase the rush or 'buzz' of an inferior product, or done by the user himself.

California crank, and sometimes other crank, directly from the manufacturer should be cut with some innocuous material, since it is concentrated enough to kill with as little as 1/4 gram or less, depending of course on the batch and individual user tolerance.

Crank in rock form usually should be creamy yellow to a lemon-drop color and uniform throughout the rock. A marbled or layered rock is usually cut and 're-rocked' crank or not cooked or finished right. Crank that is not made right will be tarry/dark(over cooked); green ,burning (too much muriatic acid), sticky, melting (not finished off right), pink (slightly over cooked), layered,etc.

Dexedrine is a prescription dextroamphetamine that is gaining popularity here in the states. It can't be cut, doesn't require a lab, and usually comes with more lenient punishment from the law when caught.

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