Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will You Or Won't You Take Drugs

You may know exactly how you feel about drugs. You may have seen friends getting high and decided that next time you get the chance you're going to try drugs too. Or you may be someone who hates the idea of losing control, so much so, that you're determined never to take drugs - even if it makes you feel like an outsider at times. Or you may be in two minds: sitting on the fence and weighing up the good and bad points, and wondering which way to jump.

Be well informed

The best way to explore your feelings about drugs is to find out everything you can about them, and arm yourself with the facts. Talk to people you trust: your best friend, your parents or the adult you get on best with. Share your feelings with older brothers and sisters if you have any. Get advice from a teacher whose opinion you respect, or from a social worker attached to your school. Try talking to people who have tried drugs and are willing to give you an honest account of their experiences - that means the lows as well as the highs. Take your time weighing up all the information and remember it's okay to say "No" whatever your friends say or do. Remember you always have a choice.

Don't be misled

The size of a tablet is not an indication of what it contains or how dangerous it may be.

What to think about

There are some important facts to consider when you're thinking about drugs:
  • you can go to prison if you're caught with illegal drugs
  • drugs are extremely unpredictable - they can kill
  • taking drugs is a leap in the dark - you can have as many bad trips as good ones
  • drugs mess with your mind and body - one bad trip can leave permanent damage
  • you always have to come down, and the higher you go, the harder you fall
  • you can never be sure what's in a dose
  • you can become dependent and/or addicted to many drugs
  • if you're mentally unstable, drugs will make your condition worse; they can trigger mental illness.

Standing your ground

If you really don't want to do drugs:
  • make some new friends who don't take drugs. If your drug-taking friends try to make you feel like a freak because you won't join in, remember that there are plenty of other people who feel like you do
  • avoid places where drugs are available
  • focus on something positive that makes you feel really good about yourself, such as your studies or your favourite sport
  • look after your body - exercise boosts self-esteem and gives you a natural high.

Remember you always have a choice.

The higher you go, the harder you fall.


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